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Advance the education & training of 'omics' sciences for high schools
From the laboratory of Dr. Sixue Chen at the University of Florida        


2010 ICORE Teachers "Omics" Workshop

(July 14 -15, 2010 in HHMI Lab., ICBR Proteomics Lab., and Polfer Lab)

Sponsored by the National Science Foundation and the UF CPET program



icore2010 group picture

ICORE 2010 Participants pictured in the Genetics Institute lobby


icore2010 lab 1

Hands proteomics lab

icore2010 lab 2

Demonstration of protein sample preparation (by Dr. Yan He)

icore2010 chen pic 1

Demonstration of protein separation using gel electrophoresis (by Dr. Chen)


icore2010 maryjo pic

Dr. Mary Jo Koroly (CPET), Dr. Nick Polfer (Chemistry), Ms. Julie Bokor (CPET),

and Dr. Sixue Chen (Biology) (from left to right)


icore2010 jennifer pic

Jennifer Parker, a PMCB graduate student from Chen lab works with a teacher

icore2010 yanhe pic

Yan He, graduated from Chen lab works with the teachers


icore2010 mengmeng pic2

Mengmeng Zhu, a biology graduate student from Chen lab works with teachers

icore2010 mengmeng pic1

Mengmeng Zhu starts the gel electrophoresis to separate proteins from peanut leaves


icore2010 cool pic

It is COOL to be in the ICORE lab at UF

icore2010 chen maldi

Dr. Chen demonstrates peptide mass fingerprinting technology for protein identification


icore2010 chen pic2

Dr. Chen shows how MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer works

icore2010 teacher sample prep

Teachers doing sample preparation of MALDI-TOF peptide fingerprinting



icore2010 firing laser

A teacher firing the laser to acquire protein fingerprint


icore2010 fingerprinting

Being a biosleuth using fingerprinting is fun


icore2010 polfer1

Dr. Nick Polfer working with the teachers


Loading protein samples onto SDS gels


icore2010 chen3

Inspecting MALDI-TOF peptide fingerprints

icore 2010 laser

A teacher firing the laser to acquire protein fingerprint


icore2010 cecilia

Dr. Cecilia Silva-Sanchez, a postdoctoral associate demonstrates MS/MS sequencing

icore2010 msms

Automatic acquisition of MS/MS spectra of peptides



icore2010 msms2

MS/MS sequencing of peptides is COOL


icore2010 cecilia MS

MS/MS sequencing of peptides is an amazing technology


For more pictures, please click here: http://www.cpet.ufl.edu/ICORE/ICORE2010/PhotoGallery.html

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